Kudos: Deployment of New PCs

From: George Gonzalez and Laurel Williamson
To: Anna Witas, ITS Inventory & Procurement Manager

I would like to thank you immensely for our new PCs. I really appreciate all your efforts in purchasing these new machines for us and for deploying them to us as quickly as you could.

You have no idea how great they are and how much they will help us in doing our work more efficiently. The increase in the ability to run our SAS programs alone is worth it. They have already begun to make a difference!

I also want to acknowledge Jason Chan’s hard work and effort in setting up the PCs for us until we were completely up and running on all of them. Jason, as he always has, provided outstanding customer service to our office.

Thank you, truly.

George F. González, Jr., M.S.
Director of Research and Institutional Effectiveness
aSPIRE Office
San Jacinto College District


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