Kudos: Central campus computer installation and relocation

From Jim Braswell


I recently sent a general note of thanks for the work of the IT support staff provided in the rush period leading up to the beginning of the fall term out to the Central campus.

I am late in sending you a note just to let you know how much I appreciate the work of the staff serving our day-to-day needs.  The service at this level has been really great.  So smooth and responsive that it is easy to forget that this is the result of a lot of effort and development over several years.

From general daily computer support, the very heavy lifting required to deal with 75 new installation and relocation of computer systems just before fall, support provided for multimedia usage, and the helpdesk system the faculty and staff of Central are enjoying a place where the service appears seamless and almost effortless to the end uses.

Khoa, Caroline and the other service folks I deal with directly are great to work with and reflect a real interest in addressing the various issues and needs at hand.  This is a geographical large campus with many building and classrooms, but somehow the staff seems to be able to respond effectively to scheduled events and even more impressive to me, they continually have demonstrated the ability to deal with emergency or last minutes issues quickly and in a good humor.

On behalf of the Central please accept our thanks and extend my appreciate to your leadership team.

Jim Braswell, Ph.D.

Administrative Dean

SJC Central


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One comment on “Kudos: Central campus computer installation and relocation
  1. Rob Stanicic says:

    Thanks to the ITS team – well done!

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