Kudos: Compliance Go Live for HEOA and SB 2504

From Laurel Williamson,

Congratulations to the team for this work!  I appreciate all the time, thought, and effort that went into researching this and then designing how we would respond to these requirements.  Thanks to each of you.  lv

From Wanda Munson,

Dr. Williamson,

We have scheduled the Go Live for our plan to comply with the requirements of the HEOA and SB 2504 for this Friday, August 27, 2010.  Our Task Force has met the deadline and have developed an outstanding solution for SJCD.   The parents, students, and community-at-large may access the faculty credentials, syllabi, and associated books & costs by term via Course Finder; the institutional budget; and the location for work study position postings.  All of which are easily accessible at the website.  The special “Feature” article on the new online options and the updated “Help” items in Course Finder should make the search for information easy.

We are now planning Phase 2 which is to display the faculty end-of-course evaluations; to consider incorporating the faculty credentials and course syllabus inside of the password protected SOS module; and, updating some faculty credentials information.

It was a pleasure to work with this outstanding group and want you to know that all worked diligently to meet our deadline.  We are happy with the outcome and hope you will be too.



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One comment on “Kudos: Compliance Go Live for HEOA and SB 2504
  1. Rob Stanicic says:

    Thanks to the Data Management team for making this happen – the solution is awesome.

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