tech tips: Quickly eliminate blank rows in an Excel 2010 spreadsheet

If you’ve ever copied a table from another application or the Web into Excel, you probably found yourself with a lot of empty rows. Many of the operations in Excel (charts, PivotTables, etc.) that requires the data to be in a proper table (column headers and no blank rows).

The following tip saved me an hour of time last week when I had to copy data from a PDF to an excel spreadsheet and then create a PivotTable from it.

You don’t have to manually delete each row! I don’t take credit for the following trick–just for finding it by Googling.  Remember–if you are facing a technology challenge–you’re probably not alone and chances are someone has not only found the solution–but has already shared it on the Web. It’s always a good idea to read comments if they’re available.  In the following case, it looks like this trick will work properly if there are no blank cells, except the ones in the blank rows.  It’s ALWAYS a good idea to make a backup of your spreadsheet before trying any kind of global operation.

Happy deleting!