Microsoft Office Training Resources

Training sessions focused on Microsoft Office products are available on campus from the EdTech Training group for all faculty and staff, and Atomic Learning provides a wealth of resources focused on Microsoft Office.  To review the training calendar and register for a session, log in to the Avatar online training system at using the same username/password you use to login to your computer.  The following resources describe how to access and use that system:

In addition to the on campus training sessions and Atomic Learning resources, Microsoft provides a range of support documents, videos and training for each of the Office 2007 and other applications available in the SanJac environment.  The resources available from Microsoft’s Help and How-to Home Pages include links to online training, tutorial videos, and other available resources.   For each of the pages below, consider browsing the Training and Demos links, as shown to the right.

These supplemental online training resources may turn ten to fifteen available minutes in your office into an opportunity to sharpen your skills with the MS Office applications.