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About EdTech

What is EdTech?
The shortest answer?  EdTech is the Educational Technology Services group.

To elaborate further, the values we hold, the goals we pursue, the services we provide, and the tools we use may be visualized as the EdTech Wordle generated via wordle.net

San Jac EdTech provides instructional design, media development, technology training and general educational technology services to the college community. There are 5 Things You Need to Know About EdTech, we . . .

  • offer consultations to improve the teaching and learning experience with active, collaborative and authentic interactions.
  • collaborate with faculty to design, develop and deliver a wide range of multimedia resources which enhance learner engagement.
  • provide training and advanced support for college technology systems in an effort to enhance workplace performance and collaboration
  • integrate contemporary learning theories and proven instructional strategies for all learning environments: face-to-face, hybrid and online.
  • continuously explore and evaluate emerging and innovative technologies and trends that impact the college environment.