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tech tips: Two Words….Easy Requisitioning!

Why is it easier to complete Requisitions in SOS?

  • Functions presented in plain English (No Acronyms like SZACXRF!)
  • Functions are user-specific
  • Available from any computer with web access
  • FirstName.LastName and PIN number to access
  • No functional commands (Next Block, Previous Block, etc…)

Why doesn’t everyone use SOS for Requisitions?

  • Not all Banner functions are available in SOS
  • Validation (lookup) Forms aren’t available for maintenance in SOS
  • Some SOS processes require setup within INB before you can use them
  • INB Forms are faster and more versatile
  • INB does not “time out” as quickly as SOS

Where can I access SOS Requisitions?

In Self-Service (SOS), on the Finance tab, the Requisition link in allows you to create a requisition online.

How are Requisitions processed via SOS?

Once a requisition is created in SOS, the procurement process continues in Banner.  Once a requisition is completed via Banner Finance SOS and subsequently posted in Banner, it can be viewed using the View Document link in Banner Finance SOS or in Banner using Banner form FPIREQN.

How is the Requisitions process different in SOS, compared to Internet Native Banner (INB)?

In SOS, you cannot save a requisition or leave it “In Process” in the middle of data entry. Once a requisition is started, it must be completed or all of its information will be lost.  In INB, a requisition can be left “In Process” and all data is saved.

Requisition Tips:

  • Requisitions created in Finance SOS are limited to five (5) commodity and FOAP lines; this is a system limitation and cannot be modified
  • Only Document Level accounting is available (where all commodity items in the requisition are charged to the same accounting distribution) in Banner Finance Self-Service; it is recommended to create only requisitions with a single FOAP (Fund, Organization, Account, Program) to avoid rounding problems when the associated payments are processed
  • Fund/Organization security applies (same as in Banner)
  • The Fund and Program do NOT fill in automatically upon entering your Organization code so you will need to know your complete FOAP (Fund, Org, Account, Program) prior to initiating the requisition or be able to utilize the lookup function (see Code Lookup) to determine the appropriate selection
  • Banner access to create requisitions (granted by the Budget Control Office) is required in order to create a requisition in Banner Finance SOS
  • Available budget must exist to complete and post a requisition.  There is no NSF (non-sufficient funds) override.

Procedure Handout: http://stufiles.sanjac.edu/Pdev/Banner/SelfServiceRequisitions/FinanceSelfServiceRequisitions.pdf

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