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It’s ACAdemic…

Today the EdTech department launched a new professional development series for SJC –  ACAdemic Learning. This training provides faculty a basic background in educational design principles and teaching methods. Content will focus around keeping learning active, collaborative and authentic. ACAdemic Learning is now the required standard for online and hybrid faculty certification.

ACAdemic Learning is an 8-week course taught through a hybrid format. All sections will take place online, however, there is a synchronous discussion that is occurs during the second-week of the course. This discussion will be scheduled face-to-face, with the potential to use ITV or video chat tools as necessary, to meet the needs of participants.

It is important to point out, that because ACAdemic Learning does not focus on the technical aspects of using the Blackboard LMS, but on effective design and teaching principles, it is a more time-intensive course. This means that faculty teaching online in the Summer or Fall, who still need certification, are encouraged to enroll and participate in an ACAdemic Learning section starting as soon as possible. All interested faculty are encouraged to sign up and complete the course but the current requirement is only for faculty teaching hybrid or online courses for the first time.

ACAdemic Launch Flyer

Need Distance Learning Certification Classes?

Are you in need of Distance Learning Certification Classes? The schedule for DL Certification Training Calendar / Jan-Feb 2010 is now available.

In order to obtain the certification in online instruction, it is necessary to complete 12 hours of face-to-face instruction. Faculty must attend the five (5) Required Courses (10 hours) and choose from one of the Elective Courses (2 hours). This certification must be completed in order to teach an online course for San Jacinto College. To have a basic online presence, you must complete the Getting Started in Bb session.

Faculty may attend training at any campus location. To register for a course, send an email to dist-learn@sjcd.edu and include the following information:

Þ     Full Name

Þ     G#

Þ     Department

Þ     Campus

Þ     Extension/Phone Number

Þ     Employee Information: Faculty, Full-Time Adjunct, Adjunct or Staff

Þ     Specific class(es) you want to register for including name, date, time and location

Or visit sanjacinto.avatarlms.com to self enroll!