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tech tips: Two Words….Easy Requisitioning!

Why is it easier to complete Requisitions in SOS?

  • Functions presented in plain English (No Acronyms like SZACXRF!)
  • Functions are user-specific
  • Available from any computer with web access
  • FirstName.LastName and PIN number to access
  • No functional commands (Next Block, Previous Block, etc…)

Why doesn’t everyone use SOS for Requisitions?

  • Not all Banner functions are available in SOS
  • Validation (lookup) Forms aren’t available for maintenance in SOS
  • Some SOS processes require setup within INB before you can use them
  • INB Forms are faster and more versatile
  • INB does not “time out” as quickly as SOS

Where can I access SOS Requisitions?

In Self-Service (SOS), on the Finance tab, the Requisition link in allows you to create a requisition online.

How are Requisitions processed via SOS?

Once a requisition is created in SOS, the procurement process continues in Banner.  Once a requisition is completed via Banner Finance SOS and subsequently posted in Banner, it can be viewed using the View Document link in Banner Finance SOS or in Banner using Banner form FPIREQN.

How is the Requisitions process different in SOS, compared to Internet Native Banner (INB)?

In SOS, you cannot save a requisition or leave it “In Process” in the middle of data entry. Once a requisition is started, it must be completed or all of its information will be lost.  In INB, a requisition can be left “In Process” and all data is saved.

Requisition Tips:

  • Requisitions created in Finance SOS are limited to five (5) commodity and FOAP lines; this is a system limitation and cannot be modified
  • Only Document Level accounting is available (where all commodity items in the requisition are charged to the same accounting distribution) in Banner Finance Self-Service; it is recommended to create only requisitions with a single FOAP (Fund, Organization, Account, Program) to avoid rounding problems when the associated payments are processed
  • Fund/Organization security applies (same as in Banner)
  • The Fund and Program do NOT fill in automatically upon entering your Organization code so you will need to know your complete FOAP (Fund, Org, Account, Program) prior to initiating the requisition or be able to utilize the lookup function (see Code Lookup) to determine the appropriate selection
  • Banner access to create requisitions (granted by the Budget Control Office) is required in order to create a requisition in Banner Finance SOS
  • Available budget must exist to complete and post a requisition.  There is no NSF (non-sufficient funds) override.

Procedure Handout: http://stufiles.sanjac.edu/Pdev/Banner/SelfServiceRequisitions/FinanceSelfServiceRequisitions.pdf

Need training on SOS Requisitions?
Training & Professional Development offers training by Request. Check the monthly Training & Professional Development Newsletter or Avatar for the upcoming sessions.

tech tips: S.O.S.–the Unknown Treasure

What is SOS?

Banner Web (SOS) is the Web interface for Banner. It includes Web components for students, faculty and staff, and provides easy 24/7 access to commonly used information. Searching through the SOS  for services is very easy.  Just a simple click on the Menu Links will take you wherever you want to go.

What Information is Available?

  • Employees can view current benefits, payroll, deductions, and other personal personnel records, etc.
  • Faculty can view their class rosters, enter grades and see their faculty schedules.
  • Students can get their student records, register for classes, pay tuition and fees for the current semester online, view their schedule, see financial aid data, final grades, unofficial transcripts, reset their SOS pin, change their email address, etc.

What is the SJC ALERT ME Tab?

All SOS users have access to this menu option, where each individual enters the desired contact number and form of notification San Jacinto College should use if time sensitive information needs to be convey to students and employees.

What is on the My Information Tab?

All SOS users have access to this menu option, where the following list of options are available for reviewing and updating by each individual:

  • View Address(es) and Phone(s)
  • Update Address(es) and Phone(s)
  • View E-mail Address(es)
  • Update E-mail Address(es)
  • View Emergency Contacts
  • Update Emergency Contacts
  • Name Change Information
  • Social Security Number Change Information
  • Answer a Survey
  • View SJC Identification Number
  • 1098-T Form (Students only)

What is on the My Employee Information Tab?

All SJCD employees will have access to this menu option, allowing for the review of the following information for each individual:

  • Benefits and Deductions
    • Retirement plans
    • Health insurance information
    • Flex spending accounts
    • miscellaneous deductions
  • Pay Information
    • Direct Deposit breakdown
    • Earnings and Deductions History
    • Pay Stubs
    • Annual Salary Statement
  • Tax Forms
    • View your last year’s W-2 Form
  • Current and Past Jobs
  • Time Off Current Balances and History
  • Faculty Load and Compensation (Faculty only)

What is the My Student Records Tab?

All current students, or anyone who has a Banner student record due to prior enrollment or admission, will have the following options on this tab:

  • My Registration
    • Add or drop credit courses
    • Add Continuing Education classes
    • Check registration status
    • Display class schedule
    • Make Payment
  • My Student Records
    • View my holds
    • Display my grades and transcripts
    • Review charges and payments
    • Perform Degree Evaluations
    • Request Official Transcript
  • My Financial Aid
    • Complete FAFSA
    • View my Financial Aid Application Status
    • View my Award Information
    • View my Financial Aid Academic Progress
    • Apply for Federal Student Loans
  • My Orientation
    • Take Online Orientation
    • Change Your Session

What is the Faculty Services Tab?

Only those individuals identified in the Banner system as faculty and/or advisors will have this menu with the following options:

  • Term Selection
  • CRN Selection
  • Faculty Detail Schedule
  • Faculty Schedule by Day and Time
  • Detail Class List
  • Summary Class List
  • Final Grades
  • Electronic Gradebook by Component
  • Student Advising Menu
  • View Student Email – Official and Other
  • Faculty Enrollment Totals
  • Course Syllabus

How are Final Grades entered into SOS?

Student grades for courses must be entered through the San Jacinto College Online System (SOS). This is the only way grades will be entered, as grade sheets will not be printed.  Although entering grades through SOS might be unfamiliar, the process is easy and requires little time.

What is the Finance Tab?

Only those individuals identified in the Banner system as staff with Finance Module access will have this menu with the following options:

  • Budget Queries
  • Encumbrance Query
  • Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Approve Documents
  • View Document
  • Budget Transfer
  • Multiple Line Budget Transfer
  • Budget Development

Additional information is available for the Finance options in detail through Blackboard by accessing the Banner/SOS menu in the EdTech Training organization.

Need training on Grade Entry?
Training & Professional Development offers training at the end of every semester and by Request. Check the monthly Training & Professional Development Newsletter or Avatar for the upcoming sessions.

tech tips: Banner–Room Queries with SLIAEVN

When checking room availability for an event, or series of events, you will use the Banner form SLIAEVN. Like most Banner forms,  has a Key Block. Unlike most Banner forms, SLIAEVN’s Key Block has some eccentricities you’ll want to be aware of, to avoid frustration and get the most from using the form.

Setting a Start Time that is after the End Time:
The Scenario – You run a Query for room availability from 1400-1600 (2:00-4:00pm) on 03/04/2011 in building SAIL. You decide to run another Query with all the same criteria but at a later time of day, let’s say 1700-1900 (5:00-7:00pm). You Rollback to the Key Block, and start to modify your criteria by changing the Start Time from 1400 to 1700. At that point, Banner throws up an error and won’t let you proceed.

The problem – Banner will allow you to enter a Start Time (1700) that is later than the End Time (1600), but it will cause an error and prevent you from proceeding, including setting the End Time later.

The solution – You will need to reset the Start Time (1700) to something earlier than the End Time (1600). Then you can set the End Time to the new later time (1900). After that, you can set the Start Time to the new later time (1700).

The Building field in the Key Block is cleared:
The Scenario – You run a Query for room availability from 1400-1600 on 03/04/2011 in building SAIL. You Rollback to the Key Block to run another Query with all the same criteria but on a different day. You enter the new day and execute the Query, but this time the results are for every building on the South Campus.

The problem – When you Rollback to the Key Block on SLIAEVN, all criteria fields are left the same except Building, which is automatically cleared.

The solution – Be sure to re-enter the appropriate code in the Building field before executing the new Query.

Clicking back into the Key Block:
The scenario – You have already run one Query for room availability and are ready to run another. Without thinking, you click in the Key Block and start entering new criteria, rather than using the Rollback function. When you execute your new Query, the results have not changed from the previous Query.

The problem – Unlike most Banner forms, which force you to use the Rollback function to go back to the Key Block, SLIAEVN will allow you to click in the Key Block after a Query has been executed, but this does not clear the form of the existing Query results.

The solution – Always remember to use the Rollback button to return to the Key Block, so the existing Query results will be cleared and the form will be ready to present all new Query results.

For more information:
If you would like further training on how to use SLIAEVN to search for room availability, be sure to check Avatar (http://sanjacinto.avatarlms.com) for upcoming Student Queries training sessions offered by Training & Professional Development.

Ready to reserve a room?
If you have already checked room availability, and would like to reserve the room for your use, please contact the appropriate person for your campus, so they can enter the reservation for you.
•    North Campus: Charlotte Jackson – charlotte.jackson@sjcd.edu – ext. 7526
•    Central Campus: Julie Blacksmith – julie.blacksmith@sjcd.edu – ext. 1811
•    South Campus: Carol Long – carol.long@sjcd.edu – ext. 4618
The individuals listed above can enter a reservation for a non-classroom (conference room, etc.). You will need to speak to the DOM for the appropriate department to reserve a classroom.