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Wimba Presentation Tool

Have you ever wanted to present web-based content to your class in the form of a presentation, make a statement or explanation about the pages, and then have your students reply with their own ideas and comments? Now you can with Wimba Presentation. Wimba Presentation is one of the many tools offered within the Wimba Voice package. Wimba Presentation gives instructors the ability to present web-based content along with adding text and voice messages. Wimba Presentation is a balance between presenting a slide show with the capabilities of the Wimba Voice Recorder. Wimba Presentation allows an instructor to add multiple “slides”, where each slide can contain a different website. Once a slide has been added, the web-content is then displayed in a window where the website becomes fully interactive, this giving the student or instructor the ability to navigate through the page.

Why use Wimba Presentation in a course?

  • Build engaging course content
  • Author narrated web tours
  • Add energy and interactivity to class presentations and discussions

How can a Wimba Presentation be used within a course?

  • Present web-based material (YouTube videos, websites, online PowerPoint Slides, etc).
  • Have students comment on the material.

Each semester you include a Wimba Presentation, please be aware of where the presentation is hosted. All Wimba Presentations are hosted on the Wimba server. Therefore the presentation will always have the same link and information. If an instructor is teaching 2 sections of the same course or is copying courses from semester to semester, and would like students to comment on each presentation slide; due to the presentation being hosted on the Wimba sever the students in both sections or courses, will see each other’s posts. Therefore, if wanting to use the presentation in multiple sections of a course, this instructor will need to recreate the presentation in each course to prevent this from happening.

If you are interested in implementing any of the Wimba tools in your course and need training, please contact an Instructional Designer at your campus. Tutorial videos for all Wimba Voice tools can also be found on the EdTech Blackboard Support blog at http://sjcblogs.sanjac.edu/edtechbb/trainings-and-tutorials/

Using Diigo to Bookmark Resources and Collaborate on the Web

Social bookmarking has been around since the introduction of del.icio.us in 2003, making it fast and easy to share favorite links online. Today, Diigo is an even more powerful tool that can help you collaborate and keep notes on your favorite websites and resources.

While Diigo allows you to bookmark websites, including those with videos and multimedia, you can also use their highlighting and annotation tools to share public and private thoughts – whether it’s for a class project, a paper developed in conjunction with a colleague, or even an outing planned with family or friends. Diigo also has great benefits for educators, including a “teacher console”. The video below gives you a quick overview of what you can do.