Need Distance Learning Certification Classes?

Are you in need of Distance Learning Certification Classes? The schedule for DL Certification Training Calendar / Jan-Feb 2010 is now available.

In order to obtain the certification in online instruction, it is necessary to complete 12 hours of face-to-face instruction. Faculty must attend the five (5) Required Courses (10 hours) and choose from one of the Elective Courses (2 hours). This certification must be completed in order to teach an online course for San Jacinto College. To have a basic online presence, you must complete the Getting Started in Bb session.

Faculty may attend training at any campus location. To register for a course, send an email to and include the following information:

Þ     Full Name

Þ     G#

Þ     Department

Þ     Campus

Þ     Extension/Phone Number

Þ     Employee Information: Faculty, Full-Time Adjunct, Adjunct or Staff

Þ     Specific class(es) you want to register for including name, date, time and location

Or visit to self enroll!