app talk: LastPass

I’ll be honest, it’s my turn to write an AppTalk blog post and I had another app that I was going to highlight. I tried to log into the admin site for the blog and it was not accepting my username and password. I use several different password combinations between my personal accounts and my work-related accounts so it’s not an unusual occurrence for me. I went through all the different combinations that I use for my work-related accounts and I was unable to log in. I clicked on the ‘forgot password’ link and I was greeted by a blank page that said only ‘Disabled.’ Uh oh. As I wait for TechSupport to (hopefully) save me from this situation I realized that I need something to help me keep organized. Then I found:



LastPass keeps tracks of ALL your passwords and lets you access them from any device. While your days of remembering 13 different login/password combinations are over you’ll still have to remember your master password. Here is a list of the key features the manufacturer shares on the iTunes page:

• Sync all of your passwords and logins across all of your computers and devices
• Save and autofill usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts
• Use form fill profiles to streamline online shopping
• Create secure notes to store your memberships, credit cards, & other sensitive data
• Search for usernames and sites from your vault
• Organize sites by folders
• Enable multifactor authentication to lock down your LastPass account
• Share logins with friends and family
• Offline access to your data via the browser extensions



You can download the app and be started in just minutes! There are many features but the most intriguing feature is the random password generator.


Most passwords are ‘hacked’ because the user created a password with an identifying characteristic such as a birthday, family name, favorite sports team, etc. Now with LastPass the app can create a random password that will make it more difficult to ‘steal.’

While the app download is free it only comes with a 2 week trial period, you will need to subscribe to their premium service if you decide you like the product. To be fair the price seems to be minimal for the service it provides. Overall it appears to be a very useful application but ultimately its usefulness is only as strong as your master password to the program. So as difficult as it may sound, you’ll have to get rid of SanJac4Ever as your password.

LastPass is available for both Android and iOS devices.

by: mathew.baker