GUST SLO Content for Technical Courses

General Overview

In technical courses, you may find GUST Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) listed on the official course syllabus. If a GUST SLO is listed as part of the student learning expectations, you are required to teach and provide materials for all GUST SLOs assigned to the course.

When teaching the course GUST SLOs, you have the ability to create your own original content, or you may utilize pre-developed Blackboard packages incorporating content needed to address each GUST SLO. These packages are located on the P:/Technical GUST SLOs. Once you have determined the package(s) that correlates to the GUST SLOs found in your syllabus, you have the ability to import the package into your Blackboard course site.

Support Documentation

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial handout. (PDF)

Click here for a step-by-step video.


If you have any questions on content, assessing, and expectations of the GUST SLOs, please contact your Department Chair.

If you need additional help or information finding and importing the pre-developed Blackboard packages, please contact your campus Instructional Designer.

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