Kaltura Capture

General Overview and Resources

Kaltura Capture is a recording tool which allows instructors and students to record and post videos to their Blackboard site. Using the Kaltura Capture tool, instructors can easily embed video announcements and lectures for their courses. Students can record video responses to discussion boards and assignments.

The Kaltura REACH tool allows faculty to add and edit captions to their video content. More information can be found on the Accessible Audio and Video content page.

Continue below for instructions on creating and editing videos with Kaltura Capture.

Resource: Kaltura Capture Overview (Video)

Resource: Downloading Kaltura Capture for Windows Users (PDF)

Resource: Downloading Kaltura Capture for MAC Users (PDF)

Resource: How to Install Kaltura Capture (Video)

Resource: Getting Started with Kaltura Capture (Video)

Resource: Kaltura Capture Recording Options (Video)

Resource: Creating a Presentation Recording (Video)

Resource: Using the Kaltura Editor (Video)

Resource: Interactive Video Quizzing (Video)

Resource: Publishing to Media Gallery (PDF)


Contact an instructional designer at your campus for information for additional training or support.

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