Instructional Copyright Resources

Here are some resources you can download and print out:

The San Jacinto College library is a great resource for help with copyright questions and concerns. They have a great lib guide that houses a wealth of information and Copyright-friendly resources for various materials. Check them out:

San Jacinto College Open Education Resources Lib Guide

The University of Texas at Austin also has a page with useful Copyright information and resources:

University of Texas at Austin Library Resources

If you are finding and using materials from Creative Commons, here is a guide to help you assure you are giving proper attribution:

Attributing Creative Commons Materials

This is a quick, general guide when you are coming across the various Creative Commons licensed materials:

Creative Commons General Licensing Guide


Here are some of our top picks when trying to find Copyright-free media and materials:

Open Attribute

This is an Addon for your Firefox and Chrome browser that gets the CC license metadata on a web page and turns it into an attribution.

Commons Machinery

A suite of Firefox plugins and open office tools that enable copying and pasting images with the attribution already attached.


All photos on Pexels are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means the pictures are completely free to be used for any legal purpose. The pictures are free for personal and even for commercial use. You can modify, copy and distribute the photos. And, you do not have to ask permission or give attribution.

Creative Commons

You can search for copyright-free images on Creative Commons. Creative Commons provides a search engine that searches a variety of specific digital image collections. However, not all of the images that are generated on Creative Commons are copyright-free. You must check and follow the specific Creative Commons licensing that is attributed to each graphic. There is a licensing explanation page on their site if you are unsure of the specific licenses.


Pixabay shares copyright free images and videos. All contents are released under Creative Commons CC0. This means they are safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes. However, they do have some professional photos from places such as Shutterstock which will need to have permission or, in most cases, you would need to purchase the photo. They explain that these are filtered in to help finance the site.


This site is operated by a Canadian group and provide copyright-free images under their own Unsplash license. According to this license, all photos can be used for free (commercial and noncommercial purposes). You can download, copy, modify, distribute, perform, and use photos from them for free. However, you are not allowed to stockpile photos for redistribution.


Morguefile is a repository of free and copyright-free photos that is compiled of photos that others have uploaded to be shared without asking for attribution, whether for commercial or noncommercial work. If you register (free) on their site, you can join their mobile app for free.