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Blackboard: Combining Course Sections

Did  you know that you can combine multiple sections of the same course in Blackboard to create one course site to maintain? For example, if you are teaching four sections of GOVT 2301 these can be combined into one course site to manage for the semester.


  • Reduces the number of course sites you must manage.
  • Allows you to create a larger community for online activities between students in your courses.
  • Combines all students into one gradebook alphabetically.  (To distinguish between CRNs, simply create a column in the gradebook, enter the original CRN, then sort by that column to group students into their original class.)

If you determine you would like to have course sections combined, you can do so by submitting a HEAT ticket through Tech Support.  When you make your request:

  • Please provide a list of all CRNs involved.
  • All sections must be the same rubric.
    Ex. – HIST 1301 & HIST 1302 cannot be combined, while 3,4,…29… sections of HIST 1301 can be combined.
  • Each section must have an instructor of record assigned within Banner.
  • An email from the instructor of record or Department Chair of each CRN approving the course combination must be sent to