Wimba: An Introduction

WimbaAs today’s students learning styles are changing, instruction should continue to evolve with them. Students want and/or need to be more engaged in the classroom, this being no different in online instruction. By engaging students in an active, collaborative, and authentic learning environment they will become more involved and invested in instruction. San Jacinto College is helping engage students with the use of Wimba. Wimba is a series of tools that integrates through the Blackboard Course Management System.  According to Wimba’s website (www.wimba.com), “Wimba focuses on innovative collaboration solutions that empower educators to engage students for enhanced learning, improved outcomes, and increased student retention.” Wimba has developed a multitude of products designed exclusively for education.

Over the next couple of months I will be blogging a new series of all Wimba tools San Jacinto College has purchased for use through Blackboard. I will talk about the tool, a basic overview of how it works, and ways each tool can be incorporated in a course.

Wimba tools available for use:

  • Wimba Authoring: Recording and listening to voice on a web.
  • Wimba Voice Discussion Board: A discussion board with the ability to post and listen to voice messages along with text.
  • Wimba Presentation: The ability to add web content along with a voice message.
  • Wimba Pronto (coming soon): An instant messenger that integrates text, audio and video conferencing,   application sharing, whiteboards, and is automatically populated of classmates from Blackboard courses.
  • Wimba Voice Email: Send and listen to voice through an email message.
  • Wimba Podcaster: Create podcasts for users to be able to subscribe to through an RSS feed, or listen to through Blackboard.

So, check back on a weekly basis for more posts on Wimba, and other tools and ideas that can be used in a face-to-face/hybrid/online course.

If you are interested in implementing any of the Wimba tools in your course and need training, please contact an Instructional Designer at your campus.