Kaltura Browser Compatibility

To our Kaltura users,

As you may be aware, the new version of the Chrome browser and Microsoft’s recent release of the Edge browser do not support Java plugins. Due to this recent change, the Kaltura Screen Recorder (KSR) will not be supported in the following browsers due to the Java dependency:
• Google Chrome; Version 45 & up
• Microsoft Edge; All Versions

Kaltura has advised to use one of the following browsers to avoid the loss of KSR functionality:
• Firefox
• Safari
• Internet Explorer

The Kaltura team is actively working on a solution for users and expects to have a more permanent solution in the final quarter of the year. They will notify San Jacinto College as soon as they have more information on what will be included and when we can expect the release.

Where can I get more information?
• If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact one of your campus Instructional Designers.