Blackboard is the Learning Management System used by San Jacinto College. Within this platform, students and instructors can engage in course materials and discussions both synchronously and asynchronously. This central location allows access to course and organizational information, including announcements, grades, and other College resources (library, student services, tech support, etc.). The Blackboard system is tied directly to Banner. Due to this, instructors only have access to courses they are teaching, just as students only have access to courses that they are enrolled.

How to Access
Access Blackboard by visiting The platform can also be accessed from the San Jacinto College homepage (

Software Installation
Blackboard is a web-based application, so no additional software is necessary. Depending on the content that is included within the course and/or organization, plugins may be required, such as Flash support.


Training is offered throughout the semester by EdTech instructional designers. More information can be found via the Cornerstone system.

There are no costs to employees or students for the use of Blackboard.

Additional Equipment
No additional equipment is necessary for the use of Blackboard.