app talk: Follow the Sun

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Location photography or shooting video? Looking to buy a house? Want to plant a garden or shade tree, install solar panels or find the best seat at an outdoor concert? Would you like tented Reality Viewer is one of the most indispensable apps you may ever find.o find the perfect sunset while on vacation, or arrive somewhere at the break of day?   Sun Seeker:3D Augm

Available for Apple and Android devices for $6.99, this app shows you precisely where the sun is or will be anytime and anywhere in the world with a graphic representation of the sun’s path over a compass.

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Scouting photo/video shoots is the first thing that comes to my mind.  If I’m planning a shoot at an outdoor location, I can save time by planning around that period when the sun will be most conducive to capturing ideal imagery. If you’re at a location, you can simply aim your cell phone and instantly see overlays indicating where the sun will be at any time and if there are any objects like building or trees that might obstruct it. You’ll know exactly when the sun will break the line of the obstruction and can be prepared to shoot.


There are data panels detailing when the sun rises and sets, what the daylight duration is and Solstice information.  With map view, you can look in street, satellite or hybrid modes.  There are presets for various large cities throughout the world or you can find any other spot on earth that is represented on Google Maps by “pinching and dragging”.  You can also input coordinates if you have them.

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Another great use for this app is when you’re in the market for a home and looking at listings online, you can zoom to the house that you’re interested in and see overlays showing exactly where the sun exposures will be at different times of the day and different times of the year.  This is extremely valuable if you don’t want the afternoon sun in the living area, morning sun in your bedroom or if you do want a sunset view from your balcony.  What a great tool for a real estate agent!

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Sun Seeker is already heavily used by landscape architects, golf course turf managers and solar panel installers.  In one instance, an individual looking for season’s ticket seats at a football stadium even used Sun Seeker to determine the best seat location where he wouldn’t ever be looking into the sun. If you’re into gardening, you won’t have to guess how many hours of sun exposure an area will get.  You’ll have that information right in your hand.

Check it out and use your imagination.  You may find even more uses for Sun Seeker.