Weekly Update – February 21, 2010

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Good Morning San Jacinto College Community –

I hope all of you enjoyed the weekend and had time to watch some of the events during the second week of the Olympics

For all of the full-time employees, it was great to see you at College Community Day.  I hope you gleaned some important information from the activities. The day was about creating a shared understanding of our challenges and opportunities and our strategies for moving forward.  

I know many of you voiced concerns about the data that was shown on Tuesday.  The data were meant to be a snapshot of where we are so we can create plans and strategies and ideas to help our students succeed in what they came here to accomplish.  The data were not meant to blame anyone: we are all in this together and it is important that we continue to work together to develop strategies and initiatives that are focused on helping our students succeed in achieving their educational goals.  

I am looking forward to seeing all the summaries from the focus groups with your ideas and comments. I have heard a handful of ideas that have come forward from our day together, and I am very encouraged at the creative and forward-thinking ideas I have already heard.  Thank you for participating, and I will follow up with you on the next-steps and the planning council that will review the comments from the focus groups.

For all of our part-time employees, if you want to stay involved with the activities of College Community Day, please continue to monitor the Chancellor’s Blog. There will be additional postings related to the day.  Our four objectives for the day were to do the following:

  1. Present and discuss challenges facing San Jacinto College.
  2. Present the new mission and vision statements.
  3. Develop a shared understanding of the strategic goals established by the Board of Trustees.
  4. Based on the implications of the challenges and goals, gather input from the college community on strategies needed over the next three to five years in order for us to reach our strategic goals. 

Documents related to the first three objectives have already been posted on the blog and documents for the last objective will be accumulated and shared with all employees over the next weeks.

During the day’s activities, I was asked by several of you about our student demographic data.  I have posted four PDF documents—the links are below—with our college-wide quick facts and quick facts by campus, which includes student demographics. As you can see from the information, each of our campuses has a very diverse student population, and the breakdown may surprise some of you.   I hope this information is useful to you

Quick Facts College Wide

Quick Facts Central

Quick Facts North

Quick Facts South

This month we are celebrating Black History Month, and if you are available, I hope you will find your way to the North campus on Wednesday around noon in the Fine Arts Center for the African-American Read In.  This is a wonderful event which will showcase selected well-known works of African-American literature and poetry. In addition to the oral presentations, the event includes singing and dance, as well as multi-media productions.  Performers for the event include San Jacinto College students, faculty, and staff members. Excerpts from a wide range of poetry and prose will be read, such as “Election Speech” by Barack Obama; “My Story” by Rosa Parks, the renowned civil rights activist whom the U.S. Congress later described as the “Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement”; and “Dreams” by the innovative and well-known poet, novelist, and playwright Langston Hughes.

I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the warmer temperatures…well…warmer than what we have been used to this winter anyway!



2 Responses to “Weekly Update – February 21, 2010”

  1. Hi Dr Hellyer! Thanks for the shout out to the African American Read In. The Faculty Choir will perform and I hope that you have a better view than you did at our commencement program. ha ha!

  2. Berenice Spencer says:

    I have to mentioned that I was dissapointed at the way this particular College Community Day was set up, specially the though of having to participate in a designated Focus Group, I assume I just did not have the right attitude because I entirely enjoyed the day, specially the Focus Group. I learned a lot about our College and our goals. Thank you.