Weekly Update – April 25, 2010

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Good morning everyone!

As I continue posting to my blog, I have received a few comments that some still prefer the email so I am sending this to you via email as well as posting it on the blog.  Whichever method you prefer, I hope you are finding these communications useful.

This week, the Strategic Leadership Team met, and we had a lengthy agenda.  One agenda item was the unveiling of a new “Conference Notes” blog.  As the College continues to emphasize the importance of professional development for all employees, we have been searching for a way for those attending conferences to come back and share with colleagues the big ideas they garnered from the conference.  The new blog is located at http://sanjac.edu/conf.  If you navigate to this site, you will notice several blog posts from recent conferences.  Please take a moment (if you have it) to peruse this blog and hear about what your colleagues have learned at conferences that they have attended. And if you are interested in contributing, there are directions on whom to contact. Another agenda item was an update on the organization wellness assessment which had an 82 percent completion rate. We are now reviewing the information submitted and the summary reports.  You will hear more about the assessment in the future.

On the economic front, I heard a few pieces of interesting news this week. The first was at the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce “State of the City” address from Mayor Johnny Isbell. Consistent with the current economic situation, the City is projecting a shortfall in revenues (approximately $4.3 million) and is tightening its belt like the rest of us.  It was great to hear an announcement that there are three major industry groups considering a move into the Pasadena area.  Additionally, on Friday, I participated (along with Allatia Harris, Troy Waters, and Sallie Kay Janes) in an economic development meeting to welcome a delegation from China. They are looking at merging with a company based in the North Channel area and moving 600 jobs from China to the United States. It is good to hear that our region is attracting these employers and that San Jacinto College is poised to assist these companies in developing a skilled workforce.

On Friday afternoon, I met with the Planning Council to review their recommendations from our College Community Day in February. These seventeen people have spent many hours reviewing nearly 215 pages of notes from the focus groups, discussing the main topics, gathering additional information, and developing a list of recommendations. I applaud and appreciate their work, commitment, and dedication. I applaud their work and dedication, and I was pleased to see that many of the recommendations are underway or under consideration already.  However, there were several new items that need to be addressed.  This report will be used by the Strategic Leadership Team and me to formulate strategies that support the college’s strategic plan.  Here is a link to the Planning Council Recommendations:  Planning Council The Recommendations 4 21 10 

I intend to conduct brown bag discussions over the next months regarding these recommendations and how they ultimately flow into the strategic plan. August is slated for the formal roll-out of the strategic plan as we kick-off 2010-2011.

Lastly for the week, I attended the 2010 Service Awards Banquet at Brady’s Landing on Friday evening. It was great sharing the evening with many of you, and I am overwhelmed at how many employees have 10 or more years of service to our College!  There were two with 40 years of service (Gary Friery and Louis Westmoreland) and several at 30 years! Few organizations see that kind of dedication. All of our employees are a part of the rich history of excellence that defines San Jacinto College. Thank you for all you do!

We also recognized the faculty members on each campus who were nominated for the Minnie Stevens Piper Professor award. These nominees are selected through a campus process and each nominee is submitted to the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation. Each year, the Piper Foundation bestows a state award, along with a $5,000 honorarium, to 15 outstanding professors from two- and four-year colleges and universities, public and private. This is a very prestigious award and simply being nominated says a great deal about the quality of the person being nominated.  Congratulations to Dr. Ann Pearson from Central campus, Susan Lustick from North campus, and George Stockton from South campus who were all nominated for this award!!

Each year at the Service Awards Banquet, we also have the privilege of recognizing the Staff Excellence Award recipients. The staff excellence award recognizes the outstanding staff who support the students, faculty, and operations of the College.  Each year, staff members are nominated from each campus and the college-wide administrative operations.  The award recipients for 2010 are:

  • Stacey Himmel, College-wide Grants Management Office
  • Mona Kemps, North Campus
  • Ruben Ramirez, Central Campus
  • Donna Traylor, South Campus

All of these staff members embody excellence and from the nominations submitted, they all support “Just One More” through words and actions in their day-to-day work.  Thank you all!

We ended the evening with a remembrance of Dr. Bahar Sheikkh, general inorganic and organic chemistry instructor on South campus, who passed away last fall.  He started his tenure with San Jacinto College in 2002 and was an extremely dedicated instructor.  He never missed a chemistry class or lab for any reason during his seven years with the College.  He believed that students will accomplish the standards expected of them and he set the bar high.  His students reference the effort he extended to help them understand chemistry and achieve those high expectations.  Bahar will be remembered for his positive attitude and perpetual smile, as both were contagious.

The evening went very well and thank you to Darla Lackey, Emily Earnest, and Kelly Davis in the Human Resources office who put this event together to recognize our employees and their service to the College.

I hope you all have a great week as we move closer to the close of the spring semester and finals.  Keep up the good work!



Planning Council Recommendations PDF Document:  Planning Council The Recommendations 4 21 10

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