Update – October 14, 2016

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Get On The MAP

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new pilot program for Employee Recognition.  The program is called the Monument Awards Program (MAP).

Employees may be nominated for several types of awards.  For the pilot, there are three awards for which to nominate someone.  The Going the Extra Mile (G.E.M.) award (employee badging) is available now in Cornerstone.  Any employee may badge another employee with one of our custom G.E.M. badges in the Cornerstone system on the Universal Profile.

Two other award categories have separate nomination forms and must be submitted based on specific criteria within the nomination period during the fall or the spring.  Living the Values is an individual award designed to recognize behaviors demonstrated by the College values.  It is open to nominations for both full and part-time employees with acceptable performance.  The nominations for Living the Values must come from the employee’s immediate leader, a senior leader, or Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) member.

The San Jacinto College Monument Award is a recognition awarded for up to ten (10) teams per year for sustained, exceptional performance above and beyond performance expectations for the completion of deliverables identified in the annual priorities or strategic goals.  Eligibility is open to full and part-time employees with acceptable performance.  This award may only be nominated by a senior leader or a Strategic Leadership Team member and may be awarded to five (5) teams in the fall and five (5) teams in the spring.

A recognition website has been setup with additional information about each of the various awards.  When the nomination period opens, links will be available to complete the online nomination forms.  For the Living the Values awards, leaders will need to review and confirm eligibility for employees nominated before the forms routes to Human Resources.  Nominations for the Monument Award are by team and Human Resources will collect the nominations and present to the Strategic Leadership Team for final selection of the recipients.

The fall nomination period begins October 17 and will run through November 30.  Please take the time to nominate your employees for the awards this year.  Let’s make the pilot of the Monument Awards Program a success!



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