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Good Morning San Jacinto College Employees,

Yesterday an email was sent to our students, employees, and neighbors regarding the Aspen Prize and the announcement event next Tuesday.  I am including that email below just in case the original went to your junk or clutter box.  Included in the email is a live stream link for the announcement event.   Following the event on Tuesday, I will send out an email to the college community providing an update.

No matter what the outcome is on Tuesday, I want each of you to know that being recognized as one of the top 10 community colleges in the nation is a tremendous honor!  San Jacinto College received this honor because of each one of you! Thank you for your dedication and commitment to San Jacinto College and our students!

I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe spring break!


MARCH 2017

Dear San Jacinto College students, employees and neighbors,

Last Fall, the Aspen Institute named San Jacinto College one of the top 10 community colleges in the nation. This recognition is the direct result of a unified focus on student success by everyone at the College. With the honor of being one of the top 10 community colleges in the nation comes the opportunity to compete for the prestigious Aspen Prize and the title of the No. 1 community college in the United States!

On Tuesday, March 14, 2017, at 11:10 a.m. (CDT), the Aspen Institute will hold a luncheon to announce the Aspen Prize winner. I hope you will invest the time to watch the announcement live online.

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s announcement, it is a tremendous honor and accomplishment to be recognized as one of the best nationwide. From the leadership of the Board of Trustees, to all employees and the student body, we have seen a focus on completing what was started. Our Board of Trustees set the vision and the strategic plan for the College and our employees are responsible for execution. We have seen tremendous innovation and excellence in the classroom and in services that support our students. We have also seen incredible support from our business, industry, residential, and community partnerships. The result is more students earning their certificate or associate degree and heading down the path to their dream careers. Everyone in our San Jacinto College community is part of this recognition and award!

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations!


Brenda Hellyer, Ed.D.
Chancellor, San Jacinto College

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