Update – June 25, 2018

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Good afternoon San Jacinto College Community,

I hope you are enjoying the summer and finding time to take vacation.  Many people seem to think that those of us in higher education do not work in the summer, and I always have to chuckle over that because there is tremendous activity this time of year at San Jacinto College. But I hope with all of that busy-ness that you find some down time and do a few fun things this summer with family and friends!  Or maybe just a break at home or on the beach.  And don’t forget to stay cool and hydrated!

In this update, I wanted to provide you with information on a few operational items.

  1. On May 7, 2018, the Board of Trustees approved the College’s 2018-2019 annual priorities (http://internal.sanjac.edu/annual-priorities). The six annual priorities continue to build on the work that we have undertaken over the past few years and are directly aligned with the College’s strategic plan.  The Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) in connection with their teams are preparing the major action steps and key performance indicators tied to these annual priorities.  These action steps and key performance indicators will help guide the work of all employees as they develop their individual performance plans for 2018-2019.
  2. Several weeks ago, I received a report from the 30 employees who participated in synthesizing the feedback from the conversations held during College Community Day.  The feedback was provided in short-term items and longer term actions.  This information is still being reviewed by the SLT for next steps.  They are ensuring which items align with our 2018-2019 annual priorities so that we can use those to help guide the next phase of the College’s strategic plan.   Among the recommendations were increased communications about the variety of work occurring throughout the College, training, community outreach, and services for students.  The intent is to share this information early in the fall semester.   I thank each of the members of the council who analyzed and compiled the information.
  3. Effective June 1, 2018,  following a competitive process, San Jacinto College began a partnership with PepsiCo providing the company with the exclusive right to sell its beverage and vending products at the College.  As a result of the contract and the partnership with PepsiCo, only Pepsi products can be purchased with College funds for distribution at College meetings and/or gatherings.  Caterers or catered events (which include beverages in the contract) are not required to serve Pepsi products. The Pepsi product mix and Pepsi Price List includes a variety of carbonated and noncarbonated products.  As you begin planning non-catered meetings and/or gatherings, you can eliminate the trip to the store and purchase direct from PepsiCo, saving time and money.  Please contact the PepsiCo Manager assigned to San Jacinto College (listed below) to place your order.  While there are minimum quantities required for direct delivery, Hilda Boyce at 281-991-2627 can assist you with alternative Pepsi delivery options.  Additionally, departments can continue to purchase Pepsi products from other local vendors.  The initial PepsiCo contract period ends May 31, 2021, with two, one-year renewal options available.Yolanda Wilkins
    PepsiCo Foodservice
  1. Barnes & Noble College Booksellers (B&N) has operated the campus bookstores since 2007 with the contract expiring this month. Recently, a request for proposal was issued in order to maximize competitive rates and services based on current market opportunities.  Based on the results of the evaluation process, a new contract with B&N was approved by the Board of Trustees.  The contract which began June 15, 2018, has a term of five years with three additional one-year renewal options available. You will notice some lighting and facility improvements in the bookstores over the next few months, along with more pricing and purchase options for students and faculty.  Please contact Hilda Boyce at 281-991-2627 with questions.
  2. This summer the ATMs will be removed from the Central, North, and South campuses.  Each campus had one machine, and there was very little usage over the past couple of years.  Based on the limited activity and the risk for theft, it was decided to remove the machines.  While this decision may cause a few people some inconveniences, there are multiple ATMs nearby each campus at local banks and grocery/discount stores which should help to make the transition easier.

With the summer session underway, we are wrapping up a successful 2017-2018 academic year.  Thank you for your hard work and commitment to San Jacinto College and our students!!  Each of you contribute to the success of our students and their ultimate achievement of their educational goals!  Have a great summer!


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