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Good Morning Members of the SLCC,

Thank you for attending Thursday’s meeting and for the questions.  There was a lot of information reviewed so please take the time to read in more detail the documents that were provided. I am attaching those documents for your convenience.  Additionally, I wanted to provide a few follow-up items.

1. I mentioned the budget after discussing the state appropriation decrease (less revenue) and the health insurance increase (more expense).  The net of these two items is a $1.9 million negative impact on the operating budget.  We have adjusted for increases and declines in other revenues and expenses to develop a balanced operating budget.  Additionally, we budgeted a compensation pool to cover raises for employees.  The actual percentage increases are still being developed and will not be finalized until the Board approves the budget on August 17, 2015.  I also mentioned during our meeting that the budget is built on a 1.5% enrollment increase, but I had hoped we would actually be closer to a 3% increase. This enrollment increase is important, and I again want to bring your attention to it.  It is clear from the last legislative session that state appropriations are not going to adequately fund costs of delivering a quality education, and it is also clear that other state related expenses such as benefits and unfunded mandates are continuing to increase.  This leaves us with only one leg of the proverbial stool for the College that we can impact.  That leg is our enrollment which generates tuition revenue and contact hour funding.  As we are preparing for this fall, we must be focused on increasing enrollment, both from new students and returning students.  This means more processing of applications, orientation candidates, financial aid applications, etc. This also means contacting unpaid students, recruiting students who have applied but not registered, contacting students who enrolled last semester and haven’t enrolled yet, adding classes to the schedule, etc.  We will also see increased marketing efforts over the next few weeks.  I know all of our employees understand the importance of enrollment, but I ask that all of you continue to pull out all the stops to help potential students get enrolled and paid.

Note:  Along with the legislative document you received last week, I am also attaching 84th Session summary documents with the 50 community colleges to provide more information on the significance of enrollment.

Overview of 84th Session 7-23-2015
84th session budget summary
84th session contact hour summary
84th session success points summary

2. I spent a substantial amount of time reviewing the San Jac Tomorrow brochure on our 2015 building program.  I wanted to make sure that you understood the level of detail in the program, but even more, I wanted you to understand how critically important the program is for us being able to continue to provide the type of affordable, high quality academic and workforce training programs that are needed in our community and the greater Houston region.  As I explained, there are tremendous facility needs because of our size and the age of many of our facilities, the 2015 bond program was developed based on prioritizing constituent needs including student demand, industry and business needs, our internal constituents, and attaining a level of competitive differential (Centers of Excellence). This 2015 bond program focuses on some new construction but a significant amount of phased renovation and infrastructure work. As a college leader, it is important for you to understand the scope of the program and to help others understand the significance of the priorities. It is also important to understand that not everything can be included in the bond program due to the size and cost on taxpayers.  Once the taxpayers approve the bond program then we will get into the specific building planning details.

Note:  The brochure was marked draft since it was still being revised, edited, and updated. The most significant updates underway  are to the campus maps (especially North and South).  The latest version is attached for your convenience.
Thank you for your continued dedication to San Jacinto College and our students!


2015 Bond Brochure

2015 Building Program Guiding Principles

Strategic Plan Packet 7-23-15

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