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San Jacinto College Community:

The Board of Trustees and I are happy to announce the following organizational and personnel changes. 

The Board and I have created this organizational structure in order to:

  • Further the College’s four strategic goals (Student Success, P-16 Pipeline, Workforce and Economic Development, and Our People),
  • continue to implement the One College Vision that was established in 2009,
  • enhance responsiveness to address external opportunities and challenges,
  • increase alignment with our college values,
  • reduce organizational levels,
  • enhance communications (bottom up, top down, and across channels),
  • allow faster decision-making, 
  • improve change-readiness, and
  • create a greater focus on strategic positioning.

Campus and College-wide Leadership

To more clearly align the College’s focus on student success and academic excellence through a college-wide approach, I am pleased to announce the following changes.

Laurel Williamson, will become Deputy Chancellor and President of San Jacinto College District effective February 22, 2013.

Creation of Provost Positions:

  • Each campus will have one Provost.
  • The prior positions of President and Vice President for Learning will be consolidated into the newly created Provost position.
  • The three positions of Provost will report directly to Laurel.
  • These three Provosts under the guidance of Laurel will collectively focus on college-wide coordination of the College’s strategic goals and the related priorities focused on student success and academic priorities.

Staffing the Provost Positions:

  • The Provost positions at all campuses will be posted internally and externally.
  • A college-wide provost recruitment taskforce will be chartered for the purpose of developing the recruitment, assessment, and interviewing strategies for the selection of the Provost positions.
  • The final campus assignments will be made at the close of the recruitment process. Since these are high level leadership positions that have significant influence in furthering the vision, mission, and direction of San Jacinto College, the Provosts will be hired for the College as a whole rather than for specific campuses.
  • The posting process will begin immediately with formal postings and advertising beginning within the next couple of weeks. The expectation is that the process will be concluded with decisions made by mid-May (before graduation).

In the interim during the recruitment process:

  • Brenda Jones will continue in the interim leadership role (previously interim Vice President for Learning and now interim Provost) on South Campus.
  • Van Wigginton will continue in the interim leadership role (previously interim Vice President for Learning and now interim Provost) on Central Campus.
  • Richard Bailey will assume the interim Provost role on North Campus, effective March 18, 2013.
  • The current campus positions which reported to the Vice President for Learning will now report directly to the Provost position as we move forward.

As we are posting internally and externally, any eligible employees are encouraged to apply. Additionally, this includes Richard, Brenda, and Van. If any one of them is not a successful candidate for the Provost position, each will continue to have a position at San Jacinto College. Brenda and Van will return to their respective dean positions, and Richard will assume a position focused on accreditation and special projects.

Additional College-wide Leadership Changes

Allatia Harris will assume the new position of Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives — Workforce Development, Community Relations and Diversity, effective March 18, 2013. Allatia will also provide support to Richard Bailey during his transition to interim Provost. In her new role, Allatia will focus on college-wide external relationships and partnerships in the three focus areas (workforce development, community relations, and diversity) including exploring considerations for expanding services and programs. The Continuing and Professional Development Department, which focuses on workforce training under the leadership of Sallie Kay Janes, will now report to Allatia.  The College’s athletic directors will also report to Allatia due to her past work with the regional and state athletic organizations.

Teri Fowlé, will assume the role of Vice Chancellor for Marketing, Public Relations, and Governmental Affairs, effective February 22, 2013.  Teri’s span of responsibility was increased to include state and federal legislative and government activities.

Catherine O’Brien in her current position of Associate Vice Chancellor for Learning, will immediately assume the additional responsibilities for Institutional Research and Effectiveness, along with Educational Technology. Catherine will continue to report to Laurel Williamson.

George González, Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness and Niki Whiteside, Vice-President of Educational Technology will now report directly to Catherine.

Pam Campbell will continue in the role of Assistant Vice Chancellor for Educational Partnerships, but she will now report directly to Laurel Williamson.

Scott Furtwengler, Dean of the Honors Program, will report directly to Van Wigginton.

Student Services (Integration of Student Development and Enrollment Management)

The functions of Enrollment Management and Student Development will be combined under the direction of William (Bill) Raffetto, as Vice President of Student Services, effective March 1, 2013. This is a natural transition since he has led both of these functions previously. Bill will continue to report to Laurel Williamson.

Amy Ammerman who has held the position of the interim Vice President of Student Development, will assume her previous position as Dean of Enrollment Services effective March 1, 2013. Tami Kelly and Renee Human, currently holding interim positions will reassume their previous positions, respectively Coordinator of Enrollment Services, and Enrollment Services Specialist, effective March 1, 2013.

Administrative Assistants Impacted

As we implement this new organizational structure, we will work with all levels of administrative assistants currently reporting to the impacted President and Vice President positions. Each of these administrative assistants will continue to play an important role at San Jacinto College. Preliminary conversations have been held with each of the potentially impacted administrative assistants, and they have been assured that their continued employment with the College will not change.

Moving Forward

At College Community Day on Thursday, February 28, 2013, I will be speaking further about the organizational structure and answering questions.

I am excited about the possibilities this new structure will create for San Jacinto College, our students, our community, and our employees. 

My hope is that each of you will provide your full support to these organizational and leadership changes.



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