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Good Evening San Jacinto College Community,

I hope you stayed warm this week-end!  When I hear about the weather in the northern and eastern parts of our country, I know that we have nothing to complain about, but, gosh, those were chilly temperatures for southeast Texas!!

Black History Month:  Since 1976, every American President has designated February as Black History Month.  San Jacinto College has a variety of activities scheduled to celebrate Black History Month so be sure to check out the events.



College Community Day Follow-up: Thanks to each of you who completed the assignment that I gave during my update session at College Community Day. As I said in my presentation, if you have any additional feedback for the assignment that you would like to provide, please send your handout via interoffice mail or reply to this email address (chancellor@sjcd.edu) by Wednesday, February 13th.  I read through the responses and feedback over the weekend; and overall, the comments were supportive and positive about the values, vision, and mission. 

However, there were consistent themes that had to do with clarifying confusing words and terms.   The comments regarding the one-college vision were especially interesting, with several suggestions for simplifying and shortening the description and changing it to a practice.  The employee comments will be summarized this week in order to assess common themes and issues. Additionally, the seven members of the Board of Trustees will be completing the same exercise, and we will use this approach to survey the student members of the Student Success Pathways Council.  Based on all of this input, we will consider needed changes and ask for proposals on how to move forward.  Once this is finalized, I will share this information and the plan with the full college community. Ultimately, the Board of Trustees will determine and approve the final versions of each item, so that actions can begin to take place now and into the next academic year.  Be sure and watch for additional updates. 

I am attaching the slides from my presentation and the looping data slides that were shown as you entered the ballroom. The looping slides contained important data points about our students, their progress and accomplishments, and gaps that still need to be addressed.   For example, if you look at slide #8 titled “Degree Seeking Population,” you will see that of the 29,191 degree-seeking students fall 2017, 53.4 percent or 15,598 persisted to (enrolled in) fall 2018.  What you cannot see on the slide is that five years ago, that persistence rate from fall to fall was only 49.0 percent!  The slide also shows that 74.3 percent or 21,694 of the fall 2017 students had some type of favorable outcome, including enrollment at San Jacinto College, transfers to another college, or graduation. Again, not shown on the slide is that five years ago that favorable outcomes percentage was 68.2 percent or 6.1 percent lower! These improvements are outstanding!!  I thank each of you for your commitment to the success and advancement of our students!  

But as I look at that slide, I am alarmed that nearly 7,500 students or 25.7 percent who enrolled in fall 2017 were gone one year later.  The questions are why did they leave, where did they go, and will they be back?  I have said in the past that the “gone” is greater than many of the small towns in rural Texas.  I don’t look at this “gone” as a number, but as people, students, who are lost.  This group of students continues to be our challenge and our opportunity, and I know we are all committed to figuring out how to increase favorable outcomes for more of those who fall into this group.

Finally, regarding College Community Day, you will be receiving an electronic survey on Wednesday regarding the day and the sessions.  Please watch for the survey and provide your feedback so that we can continue to enhance the day.

2019 Bellwether Award:  Last week, the San Jacinto College Maritime Center was awarded the 2019 Bellwether Award in the Workforce Development Category!  The Bellwether College Consortium is focused on excellence and innovation.  The consortium holds an annual conference and the 2019 conference theme was “Creating a Legacy of Educational Success.”  The conference covers three categories: Instructional Programs and Services; Planning, Governance, and Finance; and Workforce Development. Nominations for presentations are received in each category, and of the nearly 1,000 nominations received, only ten in each category are accepted.  Those selected are required to submit a comprehensive set of supporting materials and present to a committee of three judges.  The finalist is selected and announced at the end of the conference.  The San Jacinto College Maritime Center was selected as the finalist based on the critical workforce development partnerships that were created and the responsible risk-taking in which the College engaged to meet a regional workforce need for both incumbent and entry level mariners.  If you would like to see the award, it is being housed at the Maritime Center, and it looks great!!

In closing, it sure seems as if 2019 is moving at rocket speed!  Here we are at another candy holiday which means my New Year’s resolutions are out the door!  Oh well, hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Thank you for your work! 


Community College Day Presentation

Community College Day Looping Data Slides

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