Update – December 14, 2016

on December 14, 2016 in Weekly Update

Good Afternoon San Jacinto Community,

I am excited to announce that on Monday evening, the Board of Trustees approved several revisions to the part-time faculty and staff salary tables.

The following salary rate increase for our part-time faculty will be effective January 1, 2017. The instructional rate for lecture classes will increase from $38.00 per contact hour to $42.00 per contact hour. In addition, we are matching that rate by raising our instructional rate for lab classes from $32.00 per contact hour to $42.00 per contact hour. This matching lab rate has been long sought by the Business & Technical and Health Sciences Faculty and Administrators.

The increase in the part-time faculty rates will also be reflected in the full-time faculty instructional rates for overload classes with the same effective date. Along with the new increased instructional rates, we are introducing a new non-instructional rate of $30.00 per hour to be used for all activities other than classroom or online instruction. This non-instructional rate will be used for activities such as faculty advising, curriculum development, meetings, etc. This rate will not replace the $20.00 per hour professional development rate.

The College’s formula pay for nine-month full-time faculty has been based on a multiple of the part-time faculty rate for several years as an incentive to attract our full-time instructors and professors to teach mini-terms and summer classes outside of their contract periods. This program has been very successful in that regard at the current rates. There are no similar programs in the other regional community colleges. The formula lecture rate will be anchored at its current $62.70 per contact hour and we are matching that by raising the formula lab rate to $62.70 per contact hour.

Many of the College’s part-time staff rates have remained unchanged for a longer period than the part-time faculty rates. Following an evaluation by the Human Resources Compensation team, I am also pleased to announce an increase of many of the part-time staff rates. These new rates will also be effective January 1, 2017 and are posted on the College website at :  Part-Time Hourly Rate Schedule (effective 01-01-2017)

These increases recognize the significant contributions of our faculty and staff in San Jacinto College’s ascending stature among the nation’s community colleges. I would like to add my personal thank you for your hard work and dedication to San Jacinto College. I also want to thank the leadership of the Faculty Organization and Staff Organization in bringing these concerns forward for review.

In closing, I wish all of you a wonderful and safe winter break and thank you for your continued focus on student success.


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