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Good Afternoon –

Happy New Year! No, I have not been affected by the heat and humidity!! But we just kicked off a new academic year and on September 1st we start a new fiscal year. Our college fiscal year is required to coincide with the State’s fiscal year which runs from September 1 to August 31. Naturally, our budget and audited financial reports are prepared based on the fiscal year.

This year the Board of Trustees approved the budget on August 6th. In my last update I highlighted several aspects of the budget. The August 6 Board Workshop Budget Report provides more detail for you to review.

Because we are all working on our individual performance plans for 2012-2013, I thought the following documents will be helpful to you:

The strategic plan document is a multi-year plan that was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2010. The annual priorities are the work plan for this next year based on achieving the four strategic goals of: Student Success, P-16 Pipeline, Workforce & Economic Development, and Our People.

Today, I have two additional areas to discuss with you:

1. Chancellor’s Blog & Employee Intranet

  • My updates and many college documents (including those listed above) are kept in one place on the Chancellor’s blog. Go to the employee intranet at http://internal.sanjac.edu/ and by clicking on “Read More” under my update column, you will be taken to a list of documents. Click on any of the listed titles and you will be taken to the appropriate document.
  • Another report that might interest you is the Report to the Community which was mailed at the first of August to elected officials and community partners. This report highlights some of the incredible work that San Jacinto College is doing.
  • The employee intranet is a great way for you to stay current on what is happening around the College. Take some time to check it out.

2. Credit Enrollment

  • Enrollment data is tracked by three measures:

Contact hours are the measure used by the State for funding; a three semester credit hour course equates to 48 contact hours

Duplicated headcount counts students based on their campus attendance; if I attend two campuses I am counted twice

Unduplicated headcount means that a student is counted once no matter how many campuses he/she attends

  • The preliminary fall 2012 enrollment data as of today (Four Days After the First Class Day):

Funded contact hours College-wide are down 3.0% as compared to fall 2011. (4,956,608 contact hours today vs. 5,111,892 one year ago, i.e. down 155,284).

The College-wide duplicated headcount is down 1.3% as compared to fall 2011. (33,425 duplicated headcount today vs. 33,854 one year ago, i.e. down 429).

The College-wide unduplicated headcount is down 2.5% as compared to fall 2011. (28,981 unduplicated headcount today vs. 29,727 one year ago, i.e. down 746).

Across the College, academic enrollments are down 4.4% and technical enrollments are up slightly over the prior year

  • Don’t forget our Take 2 classes (12 week) will begin September 24th so let’s continue our recruiting and scheduling efforts!
  • Our challenge now is to keep our students enrolled and that takes each of us. Remember we want students to complete what they start and it begins with this semester! No matter your position at San Jacinto College, you have a role in student success!

Have a great Labor Day week-end!


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