Update – August 19, 2013

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Good Afternoon San Jacinto College Community –

It has been a busy summer!  As we start the fall semester, I wanted to give you a few updates.

The College’s Strategic Plan Extended through 2015  

The College’s strategic plan for 2010 through 2013 was approved by the Board of Trustees in September 2010. Over the past three years, we have made considerable progress on the College’s four strategic goals of: Student Success, P-16 Pipeline, Workforce & Economic Development, and Our People. These strategic focus areas have served us well, but it was agreed that there is still more work to be done. Therefore, the Board of Trustees, SLT, and myself have agreed to extend the strategic plan through 2015.

 The College’s Operational Goals and Annual Priorities Approved & IPP Development   

The framework for the College’s operational goals and annual priorities was approved by the Board of Trustees on August 5, 2013. The detailed actions and measures around those annual priorities are under development and review by the Strategic Leadership Communication Council (SLCC) and the SLT. The SLCC consists of approximately 90 leaders throughout the College; all of those at the levels of director, executive director, dean, vice president, provost, associate vice chancellor, and assistant vice chancellor plus representatives from the employee groups. This process has allowed leaders involved in the day-to-day operations of the College to be more involved in the actions that will achieve results and outcomes. The intent is also to reduce the number of actions and to more closely integrate work with those that are needed in specific departments. The annual priorities will then be used to develop individual performance plans (IPPs) which will be due on September 30, 2013. You will hear more about this over the next week.   Also note that the plan for the future is to expedite the annual priority process prior to the budget process and both to be completed by an early summer timeframe.

The College’s FY14 Budget Approved

The Board of Trustees approved our budget on August 5, 2013. I am proud to say that we have allocated funding to support our strategic plan and the focus on our four strategic goals.  A key focus of the budgeting process this year was to align the budget to the strategic goals, and we have been able to repurpose dollars and prioritize dollars. The revenue side of the budget is based on maintaining the same tuition and fee structure and maintaining the same property tax rate.  We are projecting an increase in revenue at the same tax rate due to an increase in property valuations and a lower debt service tax rate. The budget was developed with an even greater focus on enrollment growth, student retention and persistence, and completion. From an expenditure standpoint, additional resources were allocated for salary adjustments (see below), faculty hiring (see below), along with staff hiring related to educational planners and dual credit support, development and implementation of an enhanced Men of Honor program, expansion of the Veterans Centers, increased technology costs for Blackboard and distance learning capacity, expansion of advertising efforts, and the continuation of the Banner revitalization project.

Faculty Hiring

During the budgeting process, faculty position requests were reviewed based on past enrollment, future growth projections, full-time to part-time loads, and new program investment.  The process resulted in the addition of nine new full-time faculty positions, conversion of 13 full-time temporary contract faculty to full-time, and addition of six new full-time temporary contract faculty.  Additionally, several replacement positions have been approved. The instructional budgets increased by approximately $2 million over the prior year.

Salary Adjustments for Full-Time Employees

Additionally, through the budget process the Board of Trustees approved a $2.2 million salary pool for merit pay increases. These merit pay adjustments are effective September 1, 2013 and will be included in your September 30th paycheck. The pay adjustments for full-time employees (faculty, staff, and administrators) for fiscal year 2013-2014 are as follows:  

  • Those evaluated at “Valuable Contribution” will receive a 3.00 percent merit pay adjustment.
  • Those evaluated at “Notable Contribution” will receive a 3.75 percent merit pay adjustment.
  • Those evaluated at “Exceptional Contribution” will receive a 4.50 percent merit pay adjustment.
  • Those evaluated at “Room for Improvement” will not receive a merit pay adjustment.
  • Those evaluated at “Unacceptable” will not receive a merit pay adjustment.

In closing, I want to thank each of you for your commitment to San Jacinto College, our students, and our community.  The next week is an important one as we are in the enrollment rush, but we know the weeks after that become even more important as we each take an active role in helping and empowering students to achieve their goals.  Thank you for your hard work!



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