Update – April 25, 2019

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Good Afternoon San Jacinto College Community,

Today, I would like to provide you updates on three items:

  1. New benefit cost structure for employees hired effective August 1, 2019
  2. Strategic planning items
  3. Celebration luncheons planned for May 3, 2019

New Benefit Cost Structure:   

At the April 8, 2019 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved the creation of a new benefit cost structure that will be implemented effective on August 1, 2019. This will only affect employees who begin full-time employment, or are rehired as full-time employees, with the College after July 31, 2019.

As we continue to prepare for the future, we know San Jacinto College’s financial health and fiscal sustainability are critical to ensuring that we continue to serve our community well in the coming decades. As part of our routine sustainability and cost review, we are always looking at operations and current and past practices.

In reviewing the current employee benefit cost structure, we recognized that some of the benefits currently paid for by the College were designed by the State’s Employee Retirement System of Texas (ERS) to be paid for by the employee.  One of the primary areas in which we found a difference is in health benefits for employees’ dependents.

While all full-time employees receive free health insurance, the insurance plan for employees’ families and dependents is designed for the State to pay one-fourth of the premium, the College to pay one-fourth of the premium, and the employee to pay one-half of the dependent premium.

At San Jacinto College, we had implemented the health insurance program for many years with the State paying one-fourth, the College paying one-half, and the employee paying only one-fourth of the premium.

Effective for new hires beginning with August 1, 2019, the College will structure our contributions for dependent and family to be consistent with the State design (i.e. the College will pay one-fourth of the dependent and family coverage). Additionally, under the new cost structure, the College has revised its contributions toward life and dependent dental insurance. All of these changes are more consistent with other Texas community colleges and universities.

At San Jacinto College, we are committed to maintaining a very competitive and generous employee benefit program. The cost savings in the near future is minimal, but over the coming decade, the savings will be significant and will ensure a more solid foundation for future operations. Let me say again: The change in the College’s employee benefit program will grandfather current employees (no changes in the percentage of contribution toward the premiums).

If you have any questions related to this change, please contact the Human Resources Benefits office. The Human Resources Benefits staff can be reached via email at hrbenefits@sjcd.edu or by calling the main number at 281-998-6115.


  • This new benefit cost structure does not affect current full-time employees in any manner.
  • The College will continue to offer a very robust and competitive insurance and benefits package to new employees who begin work after July 31. The package will continue to attract excellent new employees but will be comparable to what is offered by other colleges in Texas.

Strategic Planning Items:

Based on your feedback at College Community Day, there has been considerable time spent in developing details for the College’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2024.  Your feedback was compiled and reviewed by the Strategic Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees, and that feedback resulted in changes to all components of the Strategic Plan including the values, vision, mission, underlying assumptions, strategic goals, and strategies.  There were several drafts of each component, and discussions occurred with students and employees to assess if we were heading in the right direction.  The current drafts are included in this update for your review.  It is anticipated that that Board of Trustees will approve these components comprising the Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 on May 6, 2019.

A few highlights from the changes:

  • The Student Success Value has been eliminated because, as some of you pointed out, student success overarches everything that we do. We are as deeply committed to Student Success as ever. Student Success is addressed specifically in the vision, mission, and strategic goals.
  • The Values have been reordered.
  • The Diversity Value has been renamed Inclusivity.
  • All descriptors have been changed.

Vision and Mission Statements

  • Both statements have been rewritten to reflect our long-term focus and our daily purpose.


  • The five Strategic Goals are Student Success, Workforce and Economic Development, Our People, Operational Efficiency, and Outreach and Partnerships.
  • New descriptors have been written for each.
  • Additionally, five to six strategies have been developed to support and accomplish each Strategic Goal.

Underlying Assumptions

  • The four Underlying Assumptions are Equity, Collaborative Communication, Continuous Improvement and Continue One-College Alignment.
  • New descriptors have been written for each.

I thank each of you for your participation and feedback in helping create the next strategic plan for San Jacinto College.  This plan will cover five years, and it will guide and align our work. But as you may recall from our last plan, we will continue to evaluate and revise our work and alignment. This plan will not sit on a shelf but will be a living document subject to revisions. The Board will review the plan and outcomes at least annually and may make changes as deemed necessary.

Celebration Luncheons – May 3rd:

It is time to recognize and celebrate your hard work, dedication, and accomplishments!  We are hosting three simultaneous celebration luncheons on May 3rd, 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (invite attached). The luncheons will take place at the Central, North, and South Campuses at the outside courtyards. Employees working at the Maritime Campus, District buildings, or any extension center can attend at the campus of their preference. I ask that anyone planning to attend, please rsvp at the links below to ensure we have an appropriate count on the amount of food needed.

These are come and go events!!  There will be food and festivities!! All employees (full-time and part-time) are invited to celebrate!!  Comments from the Provosts are at 11:45 a.m.

Central Campus – www.sanjac.edu/celebrate-aspen-central

North Campus – www.sanjac.edu/celebrate-aspen-north

South Campus – www.sanjac.edu/celebrate-aspen-south

As we end this spring semester, I want to thank each of you for your hard work and commitment to San Jacinto College and our students!  I tell people every day that I am honored to serve as the Chancellor of San Jacinto College and that is due to the powerful way that we are changing lives! Thank you for being part of our power!


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