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Weekly Update – September 26, 2010

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Good Afternoon San Jacinto College –

Well, we are into autumn and I do feel a slight change in the weather!! Hope you are enjoying the week-end!!

On Tuesday, the Board Building Committee and the Board Finance Committee met in preparation for the October 4th Board Meeting. At the Building Committee meeting, we discussed the status of all construction projects (and there are many).  We have moved into the child care centers at North and Central, and the punch lists are being worked.  The name of these facilities will change slightly to reflect our focus on not only child care and development but also on education and the family nucleus.  These centers and lab schools are absolutely beautiful. Open houses will be scheduled, so watch for updates. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly Update – June 20, 2010

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Good morning San Jac!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your summer is going well.  Read the rest of this entry »

Good morning —

Last week was a busy one with Monday starting out in Austin with Marie Flickinger, Chair of the Board of Trustees. We presented our student success agenda to the University of Texas Community College Leadership Program, including the development of our strategic plan, mission, vision, goals, and initiatives. It was great to have so many wonderful and exciting initiatives to discuss, and it is clear that we are trying to focus our resources on areas that can make a difference in student success. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly Update – September 13, 2009

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For only being a four day work week, it sure was jam packed. The best parts of the week were the groundbreaking celebrations of the child care centers on North and Central campuses. The highlight of these ceremonies was the three and four year olds that joined us with shovels and hard hats. The construction time on these facilities is around nine to ten months so by this time next year we will be moving into our first new buildings since the 1999 bond program construction.

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Weekly Update – August 23, 2009

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We kick off the new semester tomorrow, but many of you know that better than I do, with all of your class preparation time and your efforts in advising, assisting, and enrolling students. Thank you for your dedication and extra efforts and time!  While the newness of this semester will continue throughout this next week, let’s not forget that our focus and attention on students must continue through the entire semester. We each have a role in retaining our students and assisting them in pursuing their educational goals.  Remember “Just One More” will make a difference! 

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Weekly Update – July 5, 2009

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Good Afternoon!!  I hope you are enjoying the Fourth of July week-end and related celebrations.

Speaking of celebrations, I attended a wonderful celebration this week for our Distinguished Faculty.  I could not have been prouder as the name of each Level I and Level II faculty member (a total of just over 70) was called to come forward to accept his/her well-earned “gifts” including a framed Values picture, Excellence paper weight, certificate and for some a $2,000 check.  The Distinguished Faculty Program was developed by faculty, is managed by faculty, and is supported by the administration of the college.  Its purpose is to recognize and encourage excellence in teaching and learning through self reflection, trying new methods, and focusing on student success.  The program requires some risk taking and innovation but the pay-off in personal satisfaction and the impact on students is well worth it.  The next steps include developing the Level III phase and sharing this program at conferences as a “best practice” — it definitely is one.

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Weekly Update – June 7, 2009

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We made it through the first week of June, and now we are ready to kick off the first summer session on the 8th!  Faculty, have a great  summer session!! And to the employees in student services, business offices, financial aid, and enrollment management  – I know you are geared to support not only these summer students but also those students interested in beginning at San Jacinto College in the fall. Each one of us, no matter if you see direct student contact or offer support such as maintenance, security,  purchasing, payroll, and grounds keeping, plays a role in student success  – just remember that your smile, your offer to assist someone who looks lost, or your concern and answer to an “odd” question will make a difference for those students who might need a little extra attention and encouragement.

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