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Update – November 8, 2016

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Dear San Jacinto College Community,

Last night the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to discontinue four competitive sports programs (men’s basketball, women’s basketball, men’s soccer, and women’s volleyball), effective May 2018. I am attaching the press release and the fact sheet related to this decision.  I ask that you review these documents.

I have been in this community for more than 20 years, and my husband was raised in Pasadena. My volunteer work with the San Jacinto College Foundation began in 1996, and I became an employee of San Jacinto College in 2000.  I am aware of the impact San Jacinto College has had on many individuals.  I have seen first-hand that impact. Read the rest of this entry »

Update – October 31, 2016

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Dear San Jacinto College Employees,

I want to share information with you about an item that will be on next Monday’s Board of Trustees agenda. On Monday, November 7, 2016, the San Jacinto College Board of Trustees will vote on whether or not to discontinue competitive athletic programs in four sports, effective May 2018. The four sports are:

·         Men’s Basketball

·         Women’s Basketball

·         Women’s Volleyball

·         Men’s Soccer

If passed, the College will continue to offer National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division 1 competitive athletics in baseball and softball. Read the rest of this entry »

Update – August 21, 2015

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Good Afternoon San Jacinto College Community:

I hope you are staying dry on this wet day!  Today, I want to give you updates on the 2015-2016 budget, fall enrollment, and San Jac Tomorrow.

  1. On Monday evening (August 17th), the Board of Trustees approved the 2015-2016 budget.  Reduced appropriations from the State and increased unfunded State benefits had a negative impact on our overall budget.  Luckily, the College’s tax base is strong and the increases in that base provided the estimated additional revenue required to limit budget cuts.  Also, the budget is based on a projected enrollment increase of 1.5%.  At this point, the budget is fluid because we are waiting for the final decision on property tax values needed to complete our taxation calculations, and because enrollment is still in process (see below for more on enrollment).  Expense dollars were repurposed within budgets, and approvals for new budget requests were limited, due to uncertainty about resource streams. Included in the budget was a $2.4 million compensation pool to cover full-time employee merit raises. Read the rest of this entry »

Update – March 13, 2015

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Good Afternoon San Jacinto College Community –

Before you leave on Spring Break I wanted to update you on a couple of items.

1. Building Evacuation Drills (BED) – In the past, we have practiced announced BEDs, but after Spring Break we will begin practicing unannounced BEDs to more accurately evaluate the College’s response readiness for emergencies. The attached memo  describes the evacuation process and gives some guidance. Please read it and share with others who do not have email and also share this with your students.  As we conduct these unannounced BEDs, our goal is to evaluate our response time, compliance, and identify gaps and opportunities for improvements.  It is important that you, your students, your department personnel, and building occupants participate in the BEDs.  The best way to plan our response to an actual emergency is to practice and improve our response. It is easy to think that an event couldn’t happen at San Jacinto College, but we need to prepare so that if something does happen, we are ready to respond.  Read the rest of this entry »

Update – February 10, 2015

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Good afternoon San Jacinto College Community –

I am writing this update from Washington DC where I am attending the Association of Community College Trustees National Legislative Summit and will be meeting with many of our federal legislators.  Yesterday, I participated in a work session with representatives from the Department of Education and approximately 25 community college leaders from across the country. Our discussion was on the proposed national college rating system which is intended for roll-out during 2015-2016.  The proposed system is for 4-year and 2-year degree granting institutions, and the ratings will categorize institutions as high performing, low performing, and those falling in the middle.  Read the rest of this entry »

Update – April 3, 2014

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Good Morning –

April is here and that means spring fever! I hope you are finding a few minutes each day to enjoy the weather.

In this update I want to highlight three items from the Board of Trustees Meeting held this past Monday, March 31, 2014.

1.      Increase in the semester credit hour tuition rates were approved. Beginning fall 2014:

  • In-district tuition rate will be $47
  • Out-of-district tuition rate will be $89
  • Non-resident tuition rate will be $142

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Update – August 6, 2013

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Good Morning San Jacinto College Employees —

On Monday evening, the Board of Trustees approved the budget for 2013-2014 which includes a $2.2 million salary pool for merit pay increases.

These merit pay adjustments are effective September 1, 2013 and will be included in your September 30th paycheck.  Read the rest of this entry »

Update – July 6, 2012

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Good Afternoon San Jacinto College Community –

I hope you enjoyed the 4th of July Holiday! Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the history, festivities, family time, fireworks, and reflections that come with this holiday; and it is one that doesn’t seem to get lost in all the preparation work. Read the rest of this entry »

Update – December 15, 2011

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Hello San Jacinto College —

Whew! The fall semester is almost over… a few finals, grades, and graduation left to go, and then all those details that occur in every support area to make sure that we really have a “wrap” on the semester.  I hope your semester has gone well!  And I hope that some of the strategies we’ve been implementing for student success are working and having an impact on your students.

I know our faculty members are always looking for the most effective ways to connect, engage, and teach our diverse student population.  I thank you for being innovative and willing to take a chance on trying something different.  I have been traveling to the campuses, having “Faculty Conversations” over the past few weeks, and I have enjoyed hearing concerns, questions, and ideas from the faculty.  To those of you who have been able to come out and talk, thank you for fitting these sessions into your schedule.  I plan to continue with these causal conversations with all employee groups during the spring semester. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekly Update – October 17, 2011

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Hello San Jacinto College Community –

As I reflect on the first two weeks of October, I have to smile. It has been an amazing two weeks! Let me give you some highlights.

We began the month with a celebratory 50th anniversary photograph with nearly 800 participants, including students, faculty, staff, administrators, trustees, and retirees. I was astonished at how quickly this activity came together and how festive it felt! Thank you to all of the participants and to the organizers! The photo is available for download on the College Flickr site…here is the link for you: Read the rest of this entry »