Harvey Update 8-30-2017

on August 30, 2017 in Harvey

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
12:43 PM

Dear San Jac Family,

San Jacinto College has been in communication with a number of agencies to determine how we can serve our communities best. At this time, local agencies have chosen other sites. We have offered our facilities where it was feasible, and we have made those facilities ready. We are waiting for confirmation about the use of the Central Campus as a temporary Red Cross/National Guard staging facility to shelter families who may be relocated elsewhere, but it appears that other arrangements have been made. At South Campus, we have assisted community members with the shelter at Dobie High School when our campus was inaccessible. At North Campus, we still do not have electrical power but are in communication with other local shelters.

I want to be very clear: Volunteering your personal time is in no way connected to your job, nor are your efforts eligible for any compensation by San Jacinto College.  This call is for community volunteers. Using email is a way to access a large number of you who may be looking for ways to serve.

Baker-Ripley (formerly Neighborhood Centers) is in need of volunteers to help at their NRG site. They need volunteers to work shifts around the clock. Evenings and late nights are the hardest times to find volunteers. We have offered to tell our SJC family of this opportunity to serve.

Many of you are still unable to leave your neighborhoods, but if you are able to travel safely, I am told that 610 is clear from 45 to NRG. If you are looking for ways to serve and are able to go to NRG, follow these instructions:

1.      Enter at Gate 10 off of Kirby at McNee

2.      Park in Red Lot 4

3.      Enter through West end of NRG

4.      Process through the station set up for Volunteers

5.      Identify yourself as San Jacinto College staff. (You might want to wear a San Jac t-shirt or shirt).

6.      Tell volunteer staffing that San Jacinto College is a partner of Baker Ripley and you have come to help.

We know we have employees and students with need, and we are working to be in a position to address some of those.

There will be opportunities to volunteer at other locations as well, even closer to home. Local communities are working to coordinate efforts. But the opportunity to serve at NRG is available now and will continue for a while.

Stay tuned.

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