Harvey Employee Update 8-29-2017

on August 29, 2017 in Harvey


Tuesday, August 29, 2017
6:31 PM

San Jacinto College Employees,

We are hopeful that Harvey will soon allow the entire Gulf Coast Region to begin recovery efforts.  We know the recovery process will be difficult for many of you. Please know that our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.  We will continue to send you updates and identify available resources that may assist you with your efforts.

While police and maintenance personnel have been staged at the campuses during the storm, we have not been able to mobilize crews or pull in additional resources to begin repairs.  We hope that will begin tomorrow. While the campuses have some damage, it is limited, and the goal is to be ready to open for the first day of classes on September 5, 2017.

During this closure period, employees may only be called in to work or work remotely with the approval from their respective Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) member. Approval must be granted in writing via email from the SLT member.

If requested to work, employees will be notified through their leadership after obtaining approval from their respective SLT member.

Employees may access the policy and procedures related to unscheduled closures available on the following links:

Policy V-L: Policy on College Emergencies/Natural Disasters/Business Continuity


Procedure 3-17-b: Payroll During an Unscheduled Closure


Procedure 3-17-a: Unscheduled School Closures


Any questions related to pay for employees working during this closure period should be directed to payroll@sjcd.edu for response. Please note that the payroll department has limited staffing during this closure period and your questions will be addressed as promptly as possible.

Thursday, August 31 is the end of the College’s fiscal year end. This requires the Banner system to be taken down. To this regard, please note that Banner will not be available on August 31, from noon until 1:59 a.m., on Friday, September 1. Banner will be opened for registration again at 2 am on September 1, 2017.

In closing, please take care of yourself and stay safe!

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