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Update – July 27, 2015

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Good Morning Members of the SLCC,

Thank you for attending Thursday’s meeting and for the questions.  There was a lot of information reviewed so please take the time to read in more detail the documents that were provided. I am attaching those documents for your convenience.  Additionally, I wanted to provide a few follow-up items.

1. I mentioned the budget after discussing the state appropriation decrease (less revenue) and the health insurance increase (more expense).  The net of these two items is a $1.9 million negative impact on the operating budget.  We have adjusted for increases and declines in other revenues and expenses to develop a balanced operating budget.  Additionally, we budgeted a compensation pool to cover raises for employees.  The actual percentage increases are still being developed and will not be finalized until the Board approves the budget on August 17, 2015.  I also mentioned during our meeting that the budget is built on a 1.5% enrollment increase, but I had hoped we would actually be closer to a 3% increase. This enrollment increase is important, and I again want to bring your attention to it.  It is clear from the last legislative session that state appropriations are not going to adequately fund costs of delivering a quality education, and it is also clear that other state related expenses such as benefits and unfunded mandates are continuing to increase.  Read the rest of this entry »