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Weekly Update – August 30, 2009

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Good Afternoon!

Okay, I have been saying it for months but now I know it is close.  The summer heat is almost over  — with September just around the corner I am hopeful that we will get a reprieve any day now!!  

I want to begin with a big “thank you” to each of you.  I have seen the preliminary enrollment numbers, and each campus will see increases in the double digits (preliminary enrollment reports will be distributed to all employees on Monday).  We suspected this would occur because generally the enrollment at community colleges has an inverse relationship with the economy (i.e. in a difficult economy, community college enrollment increases).  Thank you for responding to our students’ needs and putting together the extra faculty, classes, and services to get these students advised, prepared, and enrolled. Also a special thanks to the facilities and grounds personnel who are responding with a temporary parking lot at South Campus in order to handle the 300+ cars that are parking on the grass.  Responding to these type of increases is no easy endeavor, and at times, it can be frustrating for all parties involved.  Now, while the first enrollment steps are complete, the real work for all of us begins — how to help our students meet their educational goals.  Remember it will take each of us as we actualize our goal of “Just One More.”

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Weekly Update – August 23, 2009

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We kick off the new semester tomorrow, but many of you know that better than I do, with all of your class preparation time and your efforts in advising, assisting, and enrolling students. Thank you for your dedication and extra efforts and time!  While the newness of this semester will continue throughout this next week, let’s not forget that our focus and attention on students must continue through the entire semester. We each have a role in retaining our students and assisting them in pursuing their educational goals.  Remember “Just One More” will make a difference! 

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Weekly Update – August 16, 2009

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We are about a week away from the start of the fall semester, and I know many of you are very busy getting students registered and ready for the start of classes.  For those faculty members who were not teaching this summer…welcome back! And for all of our new employees…welcome aboard!


This week we had the privilege of welcoming State Comptroller Susan Combs and several of her staff members to the College. The Comptroller is a strong supporter of community colleges and has initiated a program called “Texas Works: Training and Education for all Texans.” She has also authorized millions of dollars to fund equipment, scholarships, and other start-up costs for new programs.  At the meeting on Central Campus, each campus was represented by its technical dean, and we had an opportunity to provide information about several programs centered on workforce demand and technical training.  In turn, Ms. Combs and her staff provided insight on the types of projects that may qualify for funding and the criteria that would make one project more attractive over another.  She stressed demographics, return on investment, and collaborative partnerships. It was a great visit, and a special thank you to Steve Horton and his office for all of their work to ensure that the visit was successful.

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It’s been a busy week but my focus for this weekly update will be on the next fiscal year.  The Board of Trustees met on Monday night (August 3rd) and approved our annual priorities and our budget. Both of these are for fiscal year 2009-2010 which begins on September 1, 2009 (our New Year’s Kick-off).

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Weekly Update – August 2, 2009

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Can you believe it is August?  The summer is flying by, and we’re gearing up for the fall semester.  Our student services folks are busy working with students and getting them oriented and registered.  Our summer enrollment was up over last year (approximately 6.5% in contact hours and over 8% in duplicated headcount college-wide), and we are hoping that will carry over into the fall semester.

By now, most faculty members and administrators should have received an information packet at your home regarding College Community Week activities beginning on August 17th. The name has been changed from in-service to College Community Week to reinforce our college family and celebrate our community of educators. Monday morning (the 17th) kicks off with Sandy Shugart, President of Valencia Community College. Dr. Shugart is inspirational and motivational and is passionate about student success and the role of community colleges. College Community Week is packed with important topics and discussions.  I encourage you to begin planning now to maximize your participation. 

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