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Weekly Update – July 26, 2009

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Last week began with The Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation sponsored by The Commission on Colleges – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).  The Institute examined research on teaching and learning at colleges across the United States and  identified programs that demonstrate the assessment of student learning outcomes including gathering evidence, redefining and refocusing assessment, clarifying roles in assessment, and demonstrating that assessment leads to improved student learning.  There was also discussion around the challenges that colleges, especially community colleges, face in increasing degree production.  We must increase the degree production in order for the United States to regain our competitive advantage in the global economy.  The bottom line is that we must have many more educated workers.  One national speaker, Jane Wellman, claimed that a cultural shift is needed in most institutions – in decision-making, in data metrics, and in how quality and costs are evaluated.  I left this conference realizing that we have made significant progress in these areas, but we have plenty of work ahead of us.  It takes us right back to our continuous improvement process – Plan, Do, Check, Act. It applies to every area of San Jacinto College (SJC).

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Weekly Update – July 19, 2009

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Happy Sunday!! 

It is funny I remember not liking Sundays when I was a kid – they seemed to last forever and what a boring day.  Now, they seem to be one of the shortest days of the week – so much to accomplish and such little time!! I hope you can find some time to squeeze in a nap and a little rest today.
This week we received great news that San Jacinto College has been named the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce “Salute to Industry 2009” recipient.  This is a wonderful honor, and a testament to all that you do to support our community through education and workforce training. We will celebrate this honor on November 19, 2009, at the Jimmy Burke Activity Center.

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Weekly Update – July 12, 2009

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The heat wave is still on so I hope you are enjoying your week-end with some fun indoor activities!  I am thinking a movie might be a great alternative for today!

For me this week had four major activities: 1) interviewing for a new executive administrative assistant, 2) assisting with the Board of Trustees’ workshop and meeting, 3) participating in budget prioritization with the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT), and 4) attending the summer meeting for the Texas Association of Community College (TACC) Presidents.

For the first activity, numerous interviews were conducted and the selection committee had a difficult time making a decision because of so many qualified internal candidates (what a good problem to have). In the end the unanimous decision was to ask Nicole Darland Haas to accept the position as the executive assistant to the chancellor and the board of trustees. She will replace Brenda Dunaway who retires August 31st. Nicole has been with  SJC for nearly nine years working with the human resource department and most recently as the executive assistance for Vice Chancellor Ron Rucker. Help me in welcoming Nicole and be sure to share your well wishes for Brenda as she nears the next steps of her exciting future.

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Weekly Update – July 5, 2009

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Good Afternoon!!  I hope you are enjoying the Fourth of July week-end and related celebrations.

Speaking of celebrations, I attended a wonderful celebration this week for our Distinguished Faculty.  I could not have been prouder as the name of each Level I and Level II faculty member (a total of just over 70) was called to come forward to accept his/her well-earned “gifts” including a framed Values picture, Excellence paper weight, certificate and for some a $2,000 check.  The Distinguished Faculty Program was developed by faculty, is managed by faculty, and is supported by the administration of the college.  Its purpose is to recognize and encourage excellence in teaching and learning through self reflection, trying new methods, and focusing on student success.  The program requires some risk taking and innovation but the pay-off in personal satisfaction and the impact on students is well worth it.  The next steps include developing the Level III phase and sharing this program at conferences as a “best practice” — it definitely is one.

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