In seeking a way to foster two-way communication, I asked to have this blog created so I can stay aware of issues that are of importance throughout the college. I will post updates to the blog on a regular basis and invite your feedback.

There are a few informational topics I will post such as updates on our bond construction and programming as it comes available. While the legislature is meeting, I will also post information about how that is going and any items I feel concerned about.

In my efforts to stay informed and be transparent to the college community, I would like to ask you to please follow a few ground rules for posting information to this blog. First, I would like you to refrain from disparaging any colleagues at the college. If there are personnel issues you feel need to be addressed, please follow college procedures and address them through the proper channels. Second, in keeping with our college values, please be sure your comments remain professional in nature.

I am not sure how this will all go, but I am excited to try new technology and hope this will foster open communication and collaboration.

Warm regards,

Brenda L. Hellyer